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Need a New Car? Families with Toddlers Who Enjoy Traveling Should Consider a Tesla

Need a New Car? Families with Toddlers Who Enjoy Traveling Should Consider a Tesla

Are you a young parent with toddlers who enjoy traveling? Are you constantly on the lookout for the perfect car that will suit your adventure needs? If so, you should consider buying a Tesla. This brand of electric cars has been consistently rising in popularity in recent years, especially among young families. There are many reasons why a Tesla should be your new family adventure car.

An Expanding Charging Network

With Tesla’s growing popularity, they’ve started to expand their charging network, developing supercharger sites with multiple charging stations, much like a more modern gas station. Tesla Orlando is also expanding their charging network in popular vacation sites, making destination charging a reality. Their charging stations can usually charge your car within 15 minutes, making it a quick and easy stop for your family, especially if your toddlers are restless and eager to get to your destination. Charging stations are often located near gas station convenience stores, which also allows your family to get out and walk around, use the bathroom, buy some snacks, and be ready to hit the road again after their short charging stop.

Space for Car Seats

The Tesla M3 was designed with families in mind. The backseat space can fit three car seats next to each other, with each buckled in securely. Three car seats would fit quite snugly, even if they are some of the narrowest car seats available. However, this makes them more secure as they aren’t likely to wiggle around and put your child’s safety in jeopardy. Two car seats will fit even more comfortably. Your children will be able to travel with you on your long adventure drives while still being safe and secure. This is an attractive feature for families who love to travel, as you can travel comfortably with your children while taking the necessary precautions to make sure that they are safe.

Cabin Overheat Protection

Tesla has special technology that provides Cabin Overheat Protection for your car. It uses a combination of air conditioning, tinted windows, and other technology to try and keep the cabin heat below 105 degrees when your car isn’t running. Window tint helps keep your car cooler, which can reduce the need for air conditioning. The Cabin Overheat Protection feature is designed to protect you and your family and isn’t necessary for the safety or protection of the car itself. For example, if you have to make a stop along your vacation road trip route, and you turn off your car for a few minutes, the Cabin Overheat Protection system will work to keep the temperature down within the cabin. This will provide safety and protection for your kids if they happen to climb back into the car while it is sitting in the hot sun.


Tesla’s autopilot feature can not only put your car into cruise control mode, but it can also accelerate, decelerate, and break. These actions are designed to occur within the lane where your car is driving. The autopilot feature should only be used with an active and alert driver who will still survey the road and supervise the driving. The autopilot feature doesn’t make your car autonomous. The autopilot feature is great for your young, traveling family because it will help your designated family driver to keep up their energy and not get so exhausted from the more tedious parts of driving. This allows your whole family to enjoy each other's company more fully.


All Teslas have great driving visibility. Their wide, clear windows provide a clear line of vision when driving and parking. This makes Tesla's some of the safest cars in the world, lowering the possibility of automobile accidents or driving danger significantly. This is one of the most important features of a family car, as you want to make sure that your small children are especially safe when you’re on long travels. In addition to their excellent visibility, Teslas have large backup cameras that give you a clear display when you’re backing up. This is a must-have feature for a family with young children since they could easily run behind your car and not be seen from your car’s mirrors. By investing in a Tesla, you’re preventing auto accidents and promoting your child’s safety around cars.


Teslas have a built-in screen that you can hook to your streaming services to be able to enjoy media entertainment on a long drive. This is a must-have for young families, whose kids get easily bored and tired of long vacation road trips. You can listen to the radio, put on a show from Netflix, watch some videos on YouTube, or even have a car karaoke party with a karaoke app. The Tesla Model 3 has a larger, horizontal screen that makes backseat viewing much easier and more enjoyable for your children.

Zero Emissions Technology

One of the most obvious perks of having a Tesla is that it is a zero-emissions vehicle. What better way to care for your children than prevent your family's contribution to your area’s air pollution? By investing in a zero-emissions vehicle today, you are providing your children with a more healthy and clean living environment tomorrow.

Enjoy a Peaceful Ride

Electric cars like Teslas aren’t as noisy as regular cars. They don’t have a loud “vroom” with acceleration like many other cars do, and don’t make sounds as you’re shifting gears or braking. As you’re driving, even at high speeds along destination highways, you’ll be able to enjoy a silent, peaceful drive with your family. This is especially beneficial if your young toddlers need to take a nap in the middle of your journey, as they’ll be able to do so without the distraction of loud car noises.

So remember, if you’re in search of the perfect family vehicle to take you and your traveling toddlers to fun, memorable destinations, you can stop your search with Tesla. It is the safest, most reliable, most environment-friendly vehicle on the market today. A Tesla will not only provide a safe, peaceful ride for your young family but will also provide the enjoyment and entertainment necessary to keep your whole family happy as you’re traveling to your destination.

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