I-Drive Nascar on I-Drive Orlando - An Awesome Racing Experience | IDrive Orlando

I-Drive Nascar on I-Drive Orlando - An Awesome Racing Experience

I-Drive Nascar on I-Drive Orlando - An Awesome Racing Experience

If you are looking for an affordable and exciting alternative to expensive theme parks you need look no further than I-Drive NASCAR. Located in the heart of I-Drive Orlando, I-Drive NASCAR is easy to find and is suitable for the entire family. You may think you know what a kart racing track is like, but I-Drive NASCAR offers something unexpected, a unique racing experience.

 The first thing that strikes you before you even enter the building is that there is no racetrack outside. Some people will remember the old days of kart racing, a beat-up track, sweltering heat, and slick race tracks from the rain. As fun as kart racing is, it loses some of its appeals when it is summer in Orlando and the temps are north of ninety-degrees Fahrenheit. It is refreshing (quite literally) that this track is located indoors, where there is air-conditioning.  As soon as you step through the front door you can see that the facility is state of the art. From high definition race boards to the latest racing karts (SODIKART RTX), to the track itself; everything is on the cutting edge. Vivid yellows and blues adorn the walls and lend to the racing atmosphere at I-Drive NASCAR. Make no mistake, even with a world-class arcade, pool tables, and a mini bowling alley; the main attraction is racing.  The building also boasts several impressive pieces of NASCAR memorabilia, which enriches the racing atmosphere that permeates it.  

You may think that racing is not for everyone, but I-Drive NASCAR will change your mind. With adjustable peddles, steering wheels and seats the SODIKART RTX is nearly a one size fits all vehicle. Once you’ve received instructions on driving the electrically powered kart, you are ready to go. A staff member will do a safety check and you’re off! The SODIKART RTX can reach speeds of up to forty-five miles-per-hour which seems a blinding pace flying along under a roof. Oscillating colored lights beamed on the track as you zip through safety padding lends an excitement to the whole experience. The chassis on the SODIKART RTX is engineered to let you make tight turns and straighten out quickly just like the professional race cars, and you can feel the similarities.  The track can hold up to twelve racers at one time, making for a very realistic simulation of a professional race. No need to worry about safety, the vehicle is designed to absorb the energy from hitting the pads so you won’t. Because the track is indoors it eliminates worries about dealing with afternoon showers and lightning.

Another welcome change from the outdoor track days is the viewing area at I-Drive NASCAR. Watching the racers is not only exhilarating for the spectators, it’s also comfortable thanks to a viewing area complete with restaurant. The Grandstand restaurant has a surprisingly full menu of appetizing fare, including beer and wine. If you are just looking for a snack while you watch the racers, an ice cream bar located across from the restaurant will hit the spot.  Kids too young to race can play one of the many racing games in the arcade to feel like they are on the track as well. You need not only come to race, perhaps you would rather watch the track while you play pool, or bowl. With large private event space, parties are available at the I-Drive NASCAR from kids birthdays up to corporate team building events. 

I-Drive NASCAR is the kind of place that you will want to return to again and again. The rush from racing the SODIKART RTX karts around the track can be addictive, it is for that reason passes are offered for repeat customers. If you are in the greater Orlando area and are looking for something new and exhilarating; check out I-Drive NASCAR, you won’t be disappointed.


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