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Howl at the Moon, a One of a Kind Night on the Town on I-Drive Orlando

Howl at the Moon, a One of a Kind Night on the Town on I-Drive Orlando

Howl at the Moon, a One of a Kind Night on the Town on I-Drive Orlando

If you are looking for a night of electrifying fun, there is no better place than Howl at the Moon right on I-Drive in Orlando, Florida. Open every night of the week it is a place that will blast away the stress of the day with good music and an even better time. Well known for dueling piano’s and infectious sing-alongs, it is the perfect place to cut loose. You become part of the show when you go to Howl at the Moon, you can sing your lungs out along with your fellow revelers. There is a real sense of community at Howl at the Moon with both dedicated regulars and first-timers looking to try something new. With a timeless motif that recalls bars and saloons of decades past, Howl at the Moon’s appeal spans the generations. The talent level of the performers is always impressive, with not only a vast knowledge of songs, but how to play and sing them as well. It’s more than just pianos that the performers can play, from electric guitars to bongos and everything in between are regularly used as part of the show. Request a tune and watch the entire bar sing out loud to one of your favorite songs. From the hits of today to the well-known favorites of the past there is always a piece for everyone to enjoy. If you want to get the most out of going to Howl at the Moon, reserve a table ahead of your visit to ensure being near the stage. Your experience is sure to be an unforgettable one when you can interact with talent just a few feet in front of you. If you decide on the spur of the moment to go to howl at the moon you don’t need to reserve a table, just arrive a little early to get the best of the non-reserved seating. The sing-alongs build up steam as the night gets later. The larger the crowd the more people feel free to let go and sing without embarrassment. It builds to a crescendo by the middle of the evening and carries on into the early hours of the morning. Its not unusual to see bachelor or bachelorette parties make Howl at the Moon part of the nights festivities. It is a place where the mood is always upbeat and welcoming, so it’s no wonder that Howl at the Moon has had lasting appeal.

 You can sit back and relax with a tantalizing bucket drink, or one of Howl at the Moon’s award-winning cocktails. For an instant party starter, try one of Howl at the Moon’s shots that pack a punch while still tasting great. There are also a wide variety of beer and wines if that is your preference.

If while you watched the show, you thought that Howl at the Moon would be the perfect place for an office party or team building event, you were right! What better way to build comradery among employees than singing to their heart's content along with Howl at the Moon’s personable performers. Trying to build a bond with a new customer? An event at Howl at the Moon is the perfect way to build bridges and tear down barriers. Holiday parties are especially raucous at Howl at the Moon, but in a controlled, safe environment where you can be sure everyone will enjoy themselves.   

So, if you are in Orlando and want to have the time of your life, stop by Howl at the Moon where there are no strangers, just friends you haven’t met yet! 

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