Andretti Indoor Karting and Games
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9299 Universal Blvd - Orlando - FL - 32819

Andretti Indoor Karting and Games


A new entertainment complex has arrived to the I-Drive Orlando area. Its name is Andretti Karting and Games. It is located adjacently next to the Orange County Convention Center off Universal Blvd in Orlando, Florida. The official grand opening was on October 17 with members of the Andretti racing family and other dignitaries including Orange County Mayor Theresa Jacobs. This location features bowling, a ropes course, dining, arcade games and go karting. My personal favorite is the go karting and allow me to tell you why:

  • 3 tracks (1 for kids and 2 for adults)
  • The adult karts can go up between 35 and 45 MPH because of the layout of the tracks
  • Children karts can go up to 15 MPH
  • The 2 adult tracks can be converted into 1 large super-track
  • First Andretti adult track to have different elevation changes.

Now allow me to explain why you should go to Andretti’s

1. Location

As I mention it located off of Universal Blvd (which is off International Drive)
Adjacent to the Orange County Convention Center

2. Prices

The prices vary by what activity you want to do.  Here is a breakdown of some of the attractions with their respective prices (Source: Andretti Karting and Games)

  1. Racing

RACE TYPE                         MEMBER                NON-MEMBER

Single Adult Race                   $19.95                     $21.95

Three Race Pack Adult           $49.95                        N/A

Single Intermediate Race       $19.95                      $21.95

Three Race Pack Intermediate$49.95                        N/A

Single Junior Race                  $11.95                       $14.95

Three Race Pack Junior          $33.95                        N/A


  • ADULT RACE: seven-minute heat that takes place on Track 2 or Track 3. Minimum: 15 yrs. old with a valid driver’s license or permit & 54” Tall.
  • INTERMEDIATE RACE: seven-minute heat that is scheduled once an hour on both Track 2 and Track 3. Minimum: 54” tall & between 12-15 yrs. old.
  • JUNIOR RACE: five-minute heat that takes place on Track 1. Minimum: 48” Tall
  • TRACKS: Track 1 is a road-course style single level track for junior drivers. Track 2 is a multi- level track with elevation changes & a View of Universal Blvd. Track 3 is a road-course style track with Multiple Banked Turns and Long Straightaways
  • Drivers must wear flat, closed toe shoes and absolutely no scarves or loose clothing allowed on the track for any reason. Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied back. Report to the Briefing Room 10 minutes prior to assigned race time.


10 min session

Member: $9.95

Non-Member: $11.95

Minimum Height: 48” tall; Maximum Weight: 300 lbs.


10 min experience

Member : $ 8.95

Non-member: $9.95


6 minute session

  Member : $10.95
Non-member : 12.95


MONDAY-THURSDAY: $24.95/per hour

Maximum 6 people per lane

FRIDAY- SUNDAY: $34.95/per hour

Maximum 6 people per lane

Shoe rental: $3.50
Socks: $2.50

For the Karting, ropes and laser tag you MUST sign a waiver before going on the attractions which you can do when you arrived or via the Andretti Karting and Games Website

3. Great palace to watch sports

With over 50 plus televisions all in high definition you will not miss your favorite sports events from the NFL,NBA, NHL and other major sports
2 bars in the location one on ground level and the other in the sky bar

In the sky bar you will get a great view of Track 3 so that you can both watch your respective sporting event and see people going on the go-karts

4. Date Night fun

If you are on a budget and trying not to spend too much money the arcade is perfect to break the ice while getting to know your date for the evening

5. The food

When you go to Andretti, you must swing by the Andretti grill and try out the food. Their menu is awesome lots of different food and if you have a tough choice of trying to pick out something to eat go for the burger (you will thank me later)

6. The hours

Sunday-Thursday 10a-Midnight

Friday & Saturday 10a-1a

That gives you enough time to spend time with the family in the day and to come back with your friends in the nightcap.

Let us know what you think about the new Andretti Indoor Karting and Games on I-Drive Orlando in the comments below. 

Authored by I-Drive Orlando contributor:

Darrell Dukes
Twitter: @dukesdarrell

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