We Did The Escape Game on IDrive Orlando for the first time - Here Is What We Thought! | IDrive Orlando

We Did The Escape Game on IDrive Orlando for the first time - Here Is What We Thought!

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We Did The Escape Game on IDrive Orlando for the first time - Here Is What We Thought!

We have never experienced an escape game before. We've had the opportunity to go before, but never was that appealing to the family to take the plunge. Well, one rainy day on IDrive Orlando we decided to see what these escape games are all about. We went to the escape game (8145 International Dr #511, Orlando, FL 32819) located on IDrive Orlando across the street from Mangos. We didn't have a reservation and upon entry saw a lot of people waiting so didn't know if it was going to be happening. Some games had an hour wait time and we weren't about to wait that long to try to escape, but the nice girl at the front said they have five or six different games and one starts in ten minutes. We elected for the one starting in ten-minutes and asked if it would be only the two of us. Now if there were other people, you may get paired with strangers, so if you are a group of two, I suggest going at a time that it is not busy. We were lucky, and nobody else showed up in those ten minutes and were able to play the game by ourselves. We both had the attitude of how hard can this be? One of us has a doctorate in education; this is going to be simple. The guide took us to the room and explained the game and asked: "do you want a hint to start with?" We replied, "no thanks" we figured we would solve this quickly and get out. The guide leaves, and we both looked at each other and thought something would pop out at us. We were wrong, and we scratched our heads for the first five minutes. My suggestion is definitely to take the clue to begin with if it's your first time. From there, it was just some cool problem solving things, and we were able to get through three of the rooms. No we didn't escape IDrive Orlando LOL - We will be back though and we will escape! All in all, the escape game is fun and something great to do with family or friends. I wouldn't be wrong by going out on a limb and saying probably one of the best team building things to do for your office. Now my drawback here is the price. It's only an hour game, and the amount is pretty ridiculous for an hour game. I would highly suggest trying to find discounts or something online. In fact - you can book below with us and save:




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