I-Drive Orlando has a new great place for Mexican Food - Pepes Cantina

I-Drive Orlando has a new great place for Mexican Food - Pepes Cantina

I-Drive Orlando has a great new place for Mexican food and it's called Pepe Cantina Mexican Grill. Pepes Cantina is famous for the one in Downtown Orlando, and another location in Winter Park so we are glad they expanded into I-Drive Orlando. The Mexican food we tried so far is very delicious. Dishes are delicately prepared to give the guest a very authentic taste of Mexican food. You get great Free chips and salsa. The salsa is amazing, it's not too spicy but it's got a great kick. If you want more Pepes Cantina has an extra Haberno for the real kicker. We tried the chicken enchiladas with salsa verse and they were absolutely amazing! Tangy flavor, the sauce taste so fresh! Pictured here:


Pepes Cantina I-Drive Enchiladas

We also had the 3 taco platter. A little bit pricey at $15, but the taste was well worth it. I have tried ground beef hard shell tacos at every Mexican place I've ever been to, and these are right up there with any of them. Not a big fan of the refried beans, but I've never been a big fan of any beans so don't take my word for it. 


Pepes Cantina I-Drive Tacos

We also had the Jalapeno margarita - very spicy but delicious and a couple of Tecate draft beers. Reasonably priced. Overall love the new Mexican spot on I-Drive Orlando - needed one ever since the Don Pablos closed down. This will be my go-to Mexican place on I-Drive. I probably will go up every Tuesday because check out the deals:


Pepes Cantina I-Drive Taco Tuesday Deals

Have you been to the new Pepes Cantina on I-Drive Orlando? Let us know what you think comment below.

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