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How to Protect Yourself and Others When Visiting Orlando

How to Protect Yourself and Others When Visiting Orlando

If you love to travel and you love Orlando, you might be wondering how you can travel there safely. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the travel industry hard, with all the uncertainty of spreading the virus. Fortunately, over the last year, people have been able to gain insight on how to protect themselves while traveling. Being able to travel to Orlando and still be safe is definitely possible. Here are some tips to help you and your family stay safe if you decide to travel to Orlando during these uncertain times.
Stick With Outdoor Activities
Luckily for the many families who love to travel to Florida, there are plenty of safe, family-friendly activities. Outdoor activities are the safest recreational ones, and being able to spend your family time in the beautiful sunshine will make a great difference. The exception is being around large crowds, of course. Make sure your family is staying away from large crowds and sticking to the many other options.
Practice Social Distancing
You’ve already known that staying more than six feet apart from those not in your family is best to decrease the spread of the virus. This means if you lift your arms, plus the other person lifts their own, there should still be a couple of feet between your fingers touching. Stay six feet apart from others at every business you visit. Businesses place social distancing signs to protect you as well as their employees. Because the virus cannot travel on its own, it hitches a ride on water droplets in people’s breath. This means that if you stay further apart, the chances of breathing aerosol droplets from the breath of others decreases.
Wear a Mask
Look, it’s complicated, even the CDC admits that. But, your best bet to stop aerosol droplets is wearing a mask. A cloth mask might not be perfect, but it stops sharing at about 80 percent efficiency. If you were in a fairytale and there was a magic talisman that was only 80 percent efficient against a poison, you’d still want that talisman! Wear your mask. Find ones that are comfortable and useful for your household. There are adaptations available for children who have sensory issues or other complications.
If your family loves vacations, Orlando is a great place to go. Individual businesses are putting into place all of the safety protocols needed to help your family be well cared for. Your family can enjoy all of their treats, activities, and other sites that cause you joy! Just make sure you do so safely, so you can return to the places you love regularly.
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