Best Mexican Food I-Drive Orlando = Pepes Cantina

Best Mexican Food I-Drive Orlando = Pepes Cantina

Pepes Cantina recently won the title for being the Best Mexican Food Orlando Florida, having been voted the best out of the many Mexican restaurants in the city. The Mexican grill offers an exceptional offering of the most innovative menu of the Mexican classics as well as its signature entrees.

A favorite place to go to for customers looking to get a new taste of the classic Mexican dishes, Pepes Cantina has three locations. Customers can get their Mexican cravings from Pepes Cantina on Winter Park, in Downtown Central Florida, or at the New One on I-Drive. All three locations provide the best Mexican food Orland has to offer.

Among the Mexican classics customers will rediscover at Pepes Cantina are favorite dishes at the restaurant such as tacos with authentic fillings and tableside guacamole. In addition, customers can enjoy Pepes Cantina’s menu that includes drinks, appetizers, soups and salads, sweets, lunch, and dinner. The restaurant is also famous for their Special menus for specific days.

Among the drinks, the restaurant offer includes a wide array of margaritas, tequila shots, wines, cocktails, and beers. Pepes Cantina also offers plenty of appetizers to choose from, such as Queso Fundido, Queso Dip, and Ceviche. They have all kinds of soups and salads, such as tortilla soup, Caldo de Pollo, and taco salad. When it comes to sweets, they serve sopapilla, churros, flan, and more.

For lunch, the customers' favorites include Fajita (steak, chicken or vegetarian), Chimichangas (ground beef or shredded chicken), Quesadillas (ground beef, shredded chicken, or black beam and mushroom), and Enchiladas (ground beef, shredded chicken or black bean). These are among the most popular lunch dishes at the restaurant that people from all over Florida wants to get to have a taste.

As for dinner, the favorites include Fajitas (chicken, steak, steak and chicken, steak, chicken, and shrimp, shrimp, vegetarian, and Fajitas for two). Other favorites include Enchiladas (ground beef, carnitas, shredded chicken, grilled shrimp or black bean) and Chimichangas (shredded chicken, grilled chicken with vegetables, grilled shrimp with vegetables, ground beef or black bean and mushroom).

Quesadillas are also a favorite during dinner, which can be made of ground beef, shredded chicken, grilled chicken with vegetables, sliced steak with vegetables, grilled shrimp with vegetables, or black bean and mushroom. With all these fantastic dishes and Pepes’ creativity in reinventing them, it is no wonder that the restaurant was voted to be the Best Mexican Food Orlando.

About Pepes Cantina:

Pepes Cantina is a Mexican grill restaurant offering a broad selection of a menu in their three restaurant locations – Winter Park, Downtown, and New Drive on I-Drive – Central Florida. The restaurant is known for its innovative menu, which puts a new twist on traditional Mexican cuisine. It promises customers inventive dishes of Mexican classics along with the signature entrees of the restaurant.


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